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Monero is a completely decentralized, open-source project. Anyone with a good idea and some initiative can create and lead a project in support of Monero. If you are not a developer and interested in supporting Monero in other ways, there are many options. Monero projects organize themselves into various workgroups. There is a Localization workgroup focused on translating all Monero content to help spur adoption throughout the world, an Outreach workgroup focused on creating tools to facilitate better public relations and greater adoption of Monero, and even a workgroup focused on developing a hardware wallet for Monero. There are many other workgroups that need your help.

If you are a developer, you can join a few hundred other developers to date who have contributed to Monero’s code, via GitHub.

The first stop when it comes to community workgroup participation is the Monero Community Workgroup, which focuses on organizing all of the other workgroups. They will be able to tell you if your idea has already happened and which people to work with to take it even further. Or if your idea is brand new, they will connect you with some resources to help facilitate your idea coming to reality.

Monero’s Core developers have provided us with a handful of tools to help enable successful workgroups, including Mattermost for communications and Taiga for project planning and task flow management. Individuals can also participate through lively discussions that happen on several different Slack and IRC channels, through many different Telegram group chats, on Reddit via r/Monero or the many subreddits dedicated to niche areas of Monero (like mining or speculating), and by asking or answering questions about Monero on Stack Exchange.

The only barrier to you participating in the community is you.

We invite you to join the cause and make this decentralized, open-source community even stronger!