Since the Monero community has many individuals with the energy and passion to take marketing matters into their own hands, we have created this resource to provide tactics and tools for them to make it happen. If you are unfamiliar with guerrilla marketing, there are a few good articles for you to read at the end. Please note that guerrilla marketing tactics fall on a spectrum from conservative to activist approaches. We’ve tried to distill the type of people who can do guerilla marketing for Monero into three categories: Ambassadors, Advocates, and Activists.


These are Monero users and investors who are well known in any professional community. If you fall into this category, consider some of the following tactics for bringing Monero to more people’s lives:

  1. Mention Monero in an interview. Develop a short and concise elevator pitch and practice it ahead of time so your message lands with the audience. An example might be something like: “I’m really starting to pay more attention to the cryptocurrency Monero. It has an impressive reputation for encryption technology that makes it completely fungible and private for its users. It even has a Research Lab that is contributing to the larger crypto space and keeping Monero ahead of the curve. The price is a steal for value investors.” Get creative and do whatever is comfortable for you.
  2. Introduce Monero to your sphere of influence. Amplify that by introducing it to people in your network who have an even larger sphere of influence. Get creative on how you prioritize and who you reach out to.
  3. If you do policy work, attempt to focus on policy and reports that support privacy and technological innovation toward fungible cryptocurrencies. Focus on the fundamental human right of privacy that must be preserved. If your friends do policy work, introduce them to the benefits of Monero.
  4. Incorporate Monero into your profession. If you run a business, allow Monero transactions as an option for customers. If you are a blogger or journalist, accept Monero on your site, replace ads with CPU mining, or do a piece about Monero. The sky is the limit, so get creative!
  5. Knowledge is power, so strive to find opportunities to share knowledge of Monero with others by using whatever clout or influence you might have in your profession.


These are Monero users and investors who want to help bring more awareness to Monero, but might not be comfortable with an activist approach, or might not have the influence to take an Ambassador approach.

  1. Write posts on forums, and social media, and news sites to inform non-Monero users of the benefits of Monero and why they should be using it. A great example of this is when Monero’s very own /u/johnfoss69 posted on the large r/cryptocurrency sub-reddit: Your Guide to Monero, and Why It Has Great Potential. Get creative, though, because there are many other audiences outside of cryptocurrency enthusiasts whose lives might improve if they knew about Monero.
  2. Share Monero articles and resources with friends and followers on social media, even LinkedIn.
  3. Create or contribute to videos, podcasts, websites, etc and other online content.
  4. Call-in to radio stations and advocate for Monero on-the-air.
  5. Write an op-ed or letter to the editor to your local newspaper and talk about how Monero could be used to make your local economy more resilient to global financial risks.
  6. Reach out to your local businesses and inform them of Monero, using toolkits available from Monero Outreach. We will continue to develop and improve our toolkits, so check-in regularly.
  7. Combine or add to any of these tactics in a way that you are comfortable with. See resources at the bottom.


  1. Social Media Activism. “High-jacking hashtags” is one way to get people’s attention. A simple DuckDuckGo search might yield you some more ideas as well.
  2. Public Venues. Using public venues is a great way to leverage your time and energy. Think of concerts, fairs, major conferences, and political events, etc.
  3. Competitive Venues.
    Using guerrilla marketing tactics at venues that would be considered competitors is another, a more risky, and controversial approach that can have a big impact. Think of financial institutions and the like.
  4. Projection.
    With an image, a small laptop, and a projector, you can make a big impact. Alternatively, you can use a bright flashlight and a cutout of the Monero logo in front of it. Think of Batman…
  5. Information Drop. Mass print information about Monero and place them around large venues to introduce Monero to a wide, or new, audience.
  6. QR Codes. Mass print QR codes with a short blurb that attracts attention and place them in around venue locations.
  7. Stamping. Stamping physical fiat currency is an efficient and legal way to spread the word about Monero. According to, each one dollar bill you stamp may be seen by 438 other people.


  1. Monero Press Kit - Download the Monero Logo
  2. Monero Typography - Monero Fonts
  3. Monero Colors
    #f36b21   rgb(243,107,33)
    #4d4d4d   rgb(77,77,77)
  4. Idea Starters


  1. Monero Outreach Quick Facts - Monero is secure, private, untraceable digital currency that is available to all.
  2. Stamp Monero is a guerrilla marketing campaign to bring awareness to Monero.
  3. Free QR Code generator

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