The decentralized Monero community is made up of a highly dynamic group of individuals and groups spread throughout the planet. A little known and impressive fact, Monero has the third highest code contributor count of all cryptocurrencies. Additionally, there are many workgroups and projects that have evolved in support of Monero, and it is relatively easy to start helping out.

Please use this as a resource to learn more about Monero, its ecosystem, and how YOU can get involved. Welcome to Monero. We hope you’ll stick around.

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If you are a developer, we invite you to join the team!

The primary ways to start are to become familiar with the codebase, the cryptonote standards, and to engage with other developers. All of the developers communicate via IRC on #monero-dev or #monero on freenode's IRC servers. Here are a few resources for developers to get started:

Developers may also be interested in participating in one or more of the many workgroups that exist within the Monero community. You can find a comprehensive list of the most active below.


Below is a list of Monero workgroups that will be updated as new workgroups become established. If you have an idea for a project to support Monero that is not currently on this list, take the initiative and get it going! There are some resources available to the Monero community to help facilitate effective development and operations of our workgroups. If you have any questions, hop on one of the forums and ask around. We have dozens of helpful contributors who can help you get started.

Developing Monero core repo, including the daemon, CLI, GUI, and other critical software.

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Organizing meetings, providing useful materials, and organizing the monthly Coffee Chats.

Where to Start? r/MoneroCommunity

Translating Monero related materials. If you speak another language, please check this out!

Where to Start? & #monero-translations

Making Monero better understood and more widely known.

Monero Research Lab
Conducting research with Monero and related software.

Where to Start? & #monero-research-lab

Malware Response Workgroup
Helping those who have been compromised by malware, including unwanted browser mining, system mining, and ransomware.

Where to Start? & Mattermost

Developing the “official” website ( and keeping it updated.

Where to Start? & #monero-site

Making an open-specification design for a Monero-compatible hardware wallet and other hardware projects.

Helping users for a variety of reasons, including setting up wallets, connecting to nodes, restoring accounts, transferring funds, and more.

Where to Start? r/MoneroSupport, #monero-support &

Securing Monero's blockchain. Includes discussion for new software releases and useful guides for mining on a variety of software and hardware configurations.

Where to Start? r/MoneroMining, #monero-pools & @xmrmonerominers

Discussing XMR price and general speculation topics.

Where to Start? r/xmrtrader & #monero-markets

Improving the Graphical User Interface for Monero software.

Where to Start?, #monero-gui & #monero-dev

Vulnerability Response Process
Handling the Vulnerability Response Process. Invite-only workgroup.

RIAT Institute for Future Economics
Promoting cryptocurrency projects, including Monero. Vienna-based institute.

Where to Start?

Defcon – Monero Village
Planning and execution of annual event. (Seasonal)

Where to Start? & #monero-defcon

Planning and execution of annual event. (Seasonal)

Mastering Monero
Improving and updating future editions of a community funded book on Monero.

Monero Meetup Kit
Crafting materials for Monero Meetup Kits.

Collaborating to make Monero integrated on a variety of services, including payment processors, decentralized exchanges, and more.

Where to Start? & #monero-integrations

Monero Transmissions Lab
Aiming to solve problems related to transmitting Monero transactions through decentralized, open source infrastructure (mesh networks, satellites, etc.)

Join the Conversation & Get Engaged

Other Ways to Help

Monero 101

Below are great resources for anyone who wants to become more proficient and knowledgeable in Monero.




Indirect Ways to Learn

  • Passively learn more on Reddit by subscribing to r/privacy
  • Consider learning how to use Tor, I2P & I2P-zero
  • Start using Linux if you’re not already

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